I’m that aunty that gives dream catchers instead of chocolate. Sorry kids.

"Be different. Keep your eyes open. Record everything you see, process it, and then spit it back out in your own very personal way. Get inspired by something that’s not just illustration. Be serious. Be silly. Get drunk sometimes. Dream a lot. Don’t think you can’t do it, because you can."

Best piece of advice I’ve heard this year - from this great Olimpia Zagnoli interview

So amped for the first leg of AD2014 next month! getting ready for my mind to be blown & practicing my wolf whistle for thepaperbeast who is speaking at the Melbourne event. Don’t miss out - cheaper second release tix end at 12pm tonight! Bris or Melb - take your pick.

Really enjoying everything about these badass Warpaint babes. Jenny Lee’s hair <3

Standard sloppy sunday coffee date. Managing to scrape up a tiny bun ~ hair is growing out yae! 

(at Death Before Decaf)

~ Beware! Be. Aware. ~ 

Just one of the golden lines my roomate Nicola spits off regularly. 

Probably three years ago now I stumbled across Supakitch and Koralie, during my last year of uni.  This still gets me so amped ~ even more now I have a understanding of hand done art as apposed to all pixels and vectors.

late night frustrates w/ @thepaperbeast

vans love letter wip

I originally made butter fingers with the intention of just being a finished wood type piece.  Really wish I carved it with the intention of printing it now! I quite like the rough effect.

note: photobooth flipped this around for me and its actually printed back the front ~ damn ~ always learning the hard way. 

On a rainy day (at Quan Thanh)

Haven’t been spending as much time as I’d like getting messy at this desk lately. But still busy producing good vibes nonetheless.

Sloppy kinda day. 

at Florence st

Grub life continues